Holy Corp is a web agencies, audiovisual production companies and valuable professionals network that deals with the realisation of multimedial contents ( HD, 4K and VR videos, phototelling, storytelling) acting to certify the promotion of small medium and big enterprises’ products and services.

The network is distributed in Italy and in some European cities; for extra-European projects two strategic points are in Qingdao (China), Miami and New York (USA). A special team, lead by Luca Torzolini, travels all around the world to realise commercials, documentaries and films.

The goal is to supply the most efficient support to the client, starting from the elaboration of the project to the consignment of the complete video.

Besides the realisation of videos, Holy Corp uses creative platforms and websites based upon the new needs of social media marketing in order to distribute the produced videos and guarantee the best diffusion and the the highest degree of certification.